Developing Access to Para-Archery: FFTA’s Initiative to Identify Certified Specialists


As part of the Para-archery delegation, the FFTA is implementing various actions aimed at structuring and developing this discipline and promoting access to the practice of archery by people with disabilities. .

To do this, it is necessary to better understand the pool of “supervisors” specifically trained in the past (including outside federal training) and to expand it.

This is why the FFTA is carrying out a census of people licensed by the FFTA who have obtained certifications or diplomas in the field ofmanagement adapted physical and sporting activities to people with disabilities and more precisely :

Handisport Qualification Certificate module B (CQH B) FFH Initiator STAPS License in Adapted Physical Activities and Health (APA-S)

People holding these diplomas or certifications can thus be identified in the federal database. This step is essential in order to identify our resources and the needs of our network.

To be identified : send a copy of the diploma(s) to Lucy SINCERE, development manager for Para-archery: [email protected].

2023-11-16 08:00:00
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