“She is a woman with good ovaries”

Yours He is 49 years old and is a Argentine hairdresser who has been settled in Barcelona. Juliana She is 37 years old, she is a Venezuelan real estate agent and now lives in Madrid. They seem to have a crush at first sightWill they notice chemistry between them throughout their date on ‘First Dates’?

Gustavo confesses to the ‘First Dates’ cameras that he believes that Before, Argentines liked it more, but now there are certain taboos towards them. He confesses that he is looking for a “very feminine” woman who is fun and also explains that He believes a lot in energies and symbols.

What a coincidence that your date tonight, Julianaalso considered a person “very spiritual” and who really likes to take care of herself.

As soon as they see each other, Tavo confesses that Yuliana “is very pretty” and she who “He is handsome and seems like an interesting person.”

They both seem to have a lot complicity during their date and he confesses that he has noticed “chemistry and attraction.” Will Yuliana and Will they see each other on a second date outside of ‘First Dates…?


2023-12-08 21:15:05
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