CEA Bétera and Peñota Dental Alusigma Triumph in National Triathlon Competition

The female CEA Bétera and the Peñota Dental Alusigma emerged victorious, after a great display of strength and power despite the high level of the participating teams. All this in a day marked by very variable weather, where there was no shortage of rain and hail, and even some solar irruption, although the cold gained prominence as the day progressed. However, the clubs that came to Soria from all corners of Spain and the public were responsible for standing up to adversity and preventing the sporting spectacle from being dull.

The great women’s victory went to CEA Bétera (1.05;29), defeating AD Náutico de Narón in an exciting fight against time, 45 seconds from gold. She would manage to win the bronze medal Stadium Casablanca Mapei, 2:16 behind the winners. The fight for fourth place was extremely close, with Cidade de Lugo fluvial beating the local team, the Deporama Triatlón Soriano, by just 10 seconds. Regarding the women’s Open podium, Triatlón Las Rozas B was first, followed by her teammates from team C and Marlins Triatlón Madrid, third.

In men, only the good work of Peñota Dental Alusigma (56:18) prevented the complete celebration of the local team, the Deporama Triatlón Soriano, which scored a memorable silver. The Casablanca Mapei Stadium of Víctor Carrasco from Soriano closed the podium. Finally, the Stadium Casablanca Mapei (1.01:55) starred on the men’s Open podium, ahead of Deporama Triatlón Soriano and Cidade de Lugo Fluvial.

In the Talent competition, the girls were led by the Tritlón Tritones Rioja (23:19), beating Cidade de Lugo Fluvial by just six seconds. The Madrid team from the Squali Carabanchel Triathlon accompanied the Riojans and Galicians on the podium, 25 seconds away from the gold medal. As for the Open category, Triatlón Albacete Res B (27:17) beat Grupo Serman Triatlón Marbella B and Triatlón Inforhouse Santiago B.

In Men’s Talents, the victory went to Triatló Gandía, who put together a brilliant performance by stopping the clock at 19:29, beating AD Fogar by 28 seconds, who would add a valuable silver medal. He closed the podium, 13 seconds later, Cidade de Lugo Fluvial. While in the open event, the gold, silver and bronze went to Triatlón Diablillos de Rivas, Triatlón 401 and Saltoki Trikideak, respectively.

On Sunday the Spanish Relay Championship will be held, which will begin at 9:00 a.m. from Plaza Mariano Granados with both the Talent and Elite events and where the National Club League will be settled.

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