Profile of Karim Jallow: The Super Athlete of the Easycredit BBL

Profile of Karim Jallow: The Super Athlete of the Easycredit BBL

They are the giants of a sport that is inspiring more and more people in Germany: the super guys of the BBL! BILD and SPORT BILD present the stars of the world champion league in an exclusive series. All Easycredit BBL games can be seen live and exclusively on the sports streaming service Dyn.


The master with the muscles. Karim Jallow (26) won the title in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga with Ratiopharm Ulm in the summer.

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Source: DAZN December 22, 2023

The result of hard work. Just like King Korb’s body. Jallow to BILD: “I’m very strict with myself. Almost no sugar is allowed. A balanced diet pays off.”

Every morning at 9 a.m. he eats five scrambled eggs with French toast (bread fried in egg and milk, editor) and fruit.”

Artist at the ball: Karim Jallow

Photo: Theo Klein / BILD

In addition to training in Ulm, Jallow employs a private fitness coach, Markus Schnitzer, who does yoga and core sessions (exercises for the core muscles) with him. “For me, yoga is all about breathing and meditation. I can relax there. And the cell phone is off. That feels good. Actually, you should take a social media break much more often during the day. The constant irrigation is not good. But I feel like many other people.”

Result: His body fat percentage is 6 percent.

Photo: Theo Klein / BILD

Jallow doesn’t want to reveal whether he has a girlfriend. Just this much: “I’m going to Grandma Ingrid alone at Christmas.”

His grandmother is his biggest fan: “She’s always really happy when she sees me on TV. We have a very close bond.”

Of course, he also spends Christmas Eve with her in Bayreuth. He remembers the party fondly: “She used to always darken the living room, with a chain of lights moving behind the frosted glass in the door. We children always thought it was the Christ child.”

Tradition is important to him, but one is now abandoned: “In order to get the presents, we children always had to perform something. My cousin and my cousin can play the cello and violin, which was always extremely embarrassing for my brother and me. We quickly learned a maximum of one poem by heart. But you can’t be good at everything.”

Precise and full of power: Jallow brings the ball into the basket

Photo: Theo Klein / BILD

Nothing has changed in the course of the day: “We go to church at 5 p.m., then there are presents. She used to always make sliced ​​meat, but now we all help in the kitchen together. And on Christmas Day, goose is on the table.”

His doping problem is also likely to come on the table. The NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency) opened an investigation after the championship: he was accused of having missed three tests within twelve months. In the first instance, the lawsuit has now been dismissed by the sports arbitration court.

Jallow: “I hope that I get a fair sporting opportunity. My dream of the Olympics in Paris is alive.”

And there is another dream: the NBA. It almost worked in 2021: Jallow, who comes from Bayern’s youth team, received an invitation to the Summer League in Las Vegas. Two weeks before departure he tore a ligament in his calf. “But I’m not giving up on the dream, I’m still young,” says Jallow and laughs.

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He is far from thinking about ending his career, but he has an idea: “I’m good at selling. Real estate, cars, clothes – I’ll think of something. I would never go to a jungle camp. But Let’s Dance would be something for me. I can dance.”

He has another passion: shoes. He stores the sneakers in the garage. “I don’t know how many there are. They are neatly packed in transparent boxes. But my car still fits in,” he reveals.

Eleven questions for Karim Jallow

✶ Which three mobile phone apps do you use most often?

OneFootball, Instagram, X

✶ Which emoji do you like to use the most?

Smiley with heart eyes

✶ Your favorite series?

New Girl

✶ Which song did you listen to most often in 2023 (according to the playlist)?

Chromosomes (Key Glock)

✶ Who is your favorite basketball player of all time?

Giannis Antetokounmpo

✶ A habit of yours that no one knows about?

The volume on the TV always has to be an even number, otherwise I’ll go crazy.

✶ Your first car?

Audi A 1

✶ Your favorite food?

River shells with extra Garnelen

✶ Your first career choice as a child?

Automobile salesman

✶ Do you have a lucky charm?

A red bracelet on my left wrist and a small elephant from my mom.

✶ Which celebrity would you like to be for a day and why?

Rapper Burna Boy. There’s nothing greater than standing on a concert stage and just being who you are.

Following in Rangnick’s footsteps HE is the new tactics professor

Source: BILD / Getty Images / Fotoweb July 1, 2023

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