Officials Ignoring Fouls Against Pittsburgh Steelers’ Star Linebacker T.J. Watt

In Pittsburgh, they maintain that holding the star linebacker has become so common that officials have stopped marking him as a punishment.

PITTSBURGH — After last Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinalsthe outside linebacker of the Pittsburgh Steelers, T.J. Wattexpressed frustration with the lack of handkerchiefs to hold by police officers. NFL when the star is involved. On Tuesday, his defensive coordinator agreed, launching a comparison between Watt and a very unlikely person: Shaquille O’Neal.

“I think that T.J. you find what all elite hunters encounter,” he said. Teryl Austin. “These guys are going to hold you down until they can’t anymore, because that’s the only way they can hold you down.

TJ Watt currently ranks second in the NFL in sacks, with 14 so far this season. Getty Images

“I mean, I share your frustration, but I don’t think there’s anything we can do about that. We can complain and do all that, but that doesn’t really solve the problem. So, I think we just have to deal with it. We keep fighting and move on. It’s almost like the ‘Hack-a-Shaq‘”.

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Watt, of course, can’t go to the free throw line when he’s restrained, but the idea is similar. By making a great effort to hold Wattaccording Austin, offenses are hoping to minimize their impact on the game and against their quarterback. And, it has become so common, that officers are not flagging it.

“People beat Shaq “All the time, he got so many fouls, and everyone knew it was a foul, but after a while they didn’t call him because he was so good,” he noted. Austin. “So, we just keep working. And, when he has a chance to win — because he still manages to win — he does it. I think, as he likes to say, Mike [Tomlin], they would be sports complaints and we are not going to complain about our circumstances. We’re just going to keep playing and fighting against it, and T.J. “He will continue to fight against that, and he will do it because he is a great professional and he is a great player.”

Watt He missed several plays against the Cardinals when he appeared to be injured after being held by the offensive lineman Paris Johnson Jr. to open an avenue for the quarterback Kyler Murray for a first try. A handkerchief, however, was not thrown.

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“The NFL has something against me,” he denounced Watt on Sunday. “So, I don’t want to speak negatively against them. I don’t know what I did, but I’ll leave it at that.”

Even with everything the offensives throw at Watthe All-Pro y Defensive Player of the Year of 2021 is second in the league with 14 sacks, one behind Khalil Mack.

T.J. “He is a special player,” he stressed. Tomlin on Monday. “People go to great lengths to minimize it, and frustration is probably a component of the game for him.”

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