Manchester City’s Struggles Continue: Aston Villa Delivers Knockout Blow

3 out of 12: are Manchester City on the run? After draws against Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham, the champion lost to Aston Villa tonight. No surprise, as Villa is the revelation this season and delivered another excellent performance tonight. Youri Tielemans saw how old acquaintance Leon Bailey decided the intense top match.

If Aston Villa fans had already gotten out of bed this morning with jitters, what will that matter on Thursday morning?

Everyone knew that Manchester City would not be able to take an evening walk. That they would have to accept 22 goal attempts – a negative record for Pep Guardiola in 281 Premier League matches – will be a big blow.

Before the break, City more or less kept pace. Erling Haaland saw a double volley saved by Emiliano Martinez, Ederson was also not idle on the other side.

As fascinating and unpredictable the first act was, the difference in the second part was so clear.

Villa smelled blood and was lord and master, an impotent City had nothing left to do. With only 2 goal attempts, it recorded a low record.

Fifteen minutes before the end, Villa was finally rewarded. Youri Tielemans deflected the ball briefly, Leon Bailey started a wonderful rush. Ruben Dias’ leg rocked Villa Park.

City fell to the canvas and escaped even more damage, Villa jumped over the visitors to 3rd place.

On Saturday there will be a visit from leader Arsenal, who already have a bonus of 6 units on City.

Will Unai Emery take the ultimate revenge against his ex-club next weekend?

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