French MMA Prodigy Salahdine Parnasse Prepares to Make History Like Ciryl Gane

By Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

French MMA prodigy, Salahdine Parnasse is preparing to write one of the most beautiful pages in his history. But before he attempts to become a three-time KSW champion, he revealed to RMC Sport the major points of his strategy… worthy of that of Ciryl Gane.

What if the future standard-bearer of French MMA was him? At only 26 years old, Salahdine Parnasse already has a very extensive track record. Because if he has not won a championship belt in the UFC as Ciryl Gane was able to do, he holds two in the Polish organization KSW. A figure that he intends to increase in the coming days in a historic way.

Salahdine Parnasse ready to imitate Ciryl Gane

After conquering the featherweight and lightweight categories at KSW, Parnasse is tackling a new division, namely that of welterweight. He will even have the opportunity to seize his throne on December 16 by winning against the formidable Adrian Bartosinski (14-0-0). An opponent that he does not take lightly in any way, as he declared in a long interview given to RMC Sport :

I don’t underestimate him, I will remain very vigilant. Especially in the first round, because that’s where he has all his juice. (…) He’s a big finisher, he only scores knockouts. It’s a big challenge and I’m ready to take it on.

Aware of the striking force of “Bartos”, the French virtuoso nevertheless thinks he knows the recipe to defeat him, similar to that used… by Ciryl Gane:

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We analyzed it well with my coaches. He has a lot of ground baggage, but above all he has enormous power. He can knock out anyone in the first round. Afterwards, I saw one of his fights which lasted until the 3rd round and he was exhausted. So I tell myself that he won’t be able to last 5 rounds. (…) I’m going to try to tire him out, circle around the cage… Do a bit like Ciryl Gane, but in my own way!

An expert in the art of heavyweight movement, Gane has made a habit of pushing his rivals to their limits in this way. A method that Parnasse would have every interest in using to annihilate the Bartosinski threat and thus become triple champion. The latter, however, seems prepared to run after him, as he also made it clear to RMC Sport :

He’s a very good striker, he seems complete to me. Good ground level, good wrestling, good boxing, but I consider him a striker. He is also very lively and fast and has very good cardio, even more than very good. He is a very intelligent fighter despite his young age. Besides, he may be younger than me, but he has more experience because he has had a greater number of fights.

Despite a deficit in size and power, Salahdine Parnasse is convinced of being able to defeat Adrian Bartosinski. This, in particular by using his cardio, as Ciryl Gane can do among the heavyweights of the UFC.

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