JC Frankenthal’s Youngsters Shine at Christkindl Tournament with Nine Podium Finishes

The youngsters from JC Frankenthal achieved nine podium places at the Christkindl tournament in Rodenbach.

In the U11 age group, Kubrat Petkov achieved a special coup because, at just eight years old, he confidently won all of his fights by swinging his hips and secured the gold medal. His training colleague Yoan Pirinski won the silver medal with clean footing techniques, informed trainer Mona Kohlbacher. Nikola Ivanov fought bravely and took third place in his group.

In the U13, Adrian Feil was happy about his first silver medal. He won the exciting duel with his club colleague Trim Bytizy. Trim Bytizy as well as Jonas Engl and Philipp Wolfert each took third place. In the female U15 category, Mia Kuhn competed for the Judo Club Frankenthal in the weight class up to 48kg and won the bronze medal.

Proud trainer

Her club colleague Louis Lippert had to assert himself in the strong field of the 40 kilo class. Several of his fights went into overtime, one of which even lasted 4:40 minutes, the trainer reported. “Louis earned his silver medal on the one hand through his acrobatic turning maneuvers, which made it difficult for his opponents to throw him precisely, and on the other hand through a phenomenal victory against his training partner and friend from Bad Dürkheim Robert Nieuwodt, which he won with a shoulder throw after a long, hard fight lay flat on his back. He took second place in his weight class,” said Mona Kohlbacher. “As a trainer, I am proud of all Frankenthal judoka. “It was a successful end to the year and I look forward to 2024 with confidence,” she said.

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