Haritz Mujika: «We want to win to bring a Cup match to Urritxe

Haritz Mujika: «We want to win to bring a Cup match to Urritxe

In a week full of matches and trips, the change of attitude that involves getting away for a few hours from the troubles of the league to focus on the attractive Copa del Rey can even be positive for an Amorebieta in need of joy in a campaign that is turning out to be more complicated than desired. That draw in which Xabi Etxeita was one of the innocent hands deprived the blues of being able to debut in the KO tournament in Urritxe in front of their fans. Another small disappointment that they will try to alleviate by seeking to overcome this tie and greater fortune in the order of extraction of the balls in the next draw.

The Zornotzarras were lucky enough to face a rival in the same category, Levante, called to fight for direct promotion and with a squad full of quality players. Against them, the Biscayans made their redebut in the Silver Division on the first day of this campaign, with a 1-1 in Lezama in the now distant month of August and in a match that will have little or nothing similar to the one this Wednesday in the City of Valencia (7:00 p.m.).

«It will have nothing to do with that game, still with the open market, they will also make changes because the league is very demanding. What will not change is the style and way of playing. It will be a complicated match in which we will have to apply ourselves a lot,” explains Haritz Mujika before boarding for Valencia. «They play at home and they will also give importance to the Cup like we do. They have good players. Surely we will suffer and we will have good minutes too.

What the Zornotzarras coach has made clear is that “we are not going on vacation or getting carried away, I hope the players know the importance of the game.” The goal of the Zornotzarras is to advance to the next round so that the ancient Urritxe can host a Cup match in the next round. “We are going to fight to achieve it,” Mujika said.


He has also advanced that, as could be expected, this match will serve to give minutes to those players who have had fewer opportunities in the domestic tournament, for whom he also had a message: “They have to take advantage of those minutes to show that they have a place.” in the eleven. “They have to earn the position.” “I think that many times I have been unfair to a player, but it has to be proven,” he added.

Although this cup duel does not exactly come at the best time for Amorebieta, Haritz Mujika has tried to look for the positive side. In addition to the fact that “it is good for us to give minutes”, he has indicated that “each game has its things, and although for us the priority is the league, you never know when the team can take that step forward.” “We want to win, and from there also go up in the League,” he asserts.

Mujika takes 21 players to Valencian soil, leaving behind Unai Marino, who has already been seen working on the Urritxe pitch but “more with his feet than his hands”, and Xabi Etxeita, whose Discomfort in the pubic area still affects him. “The trip has taxed him too much,” explained Haritz Mujika.

Possible eleven:

Jonmi; Mier, Félix, Gayá, Seguín; Quintero, Morán, Eraso, Rayco; Edwards and Jauregi.

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