French NBA Players Shine in Recent Games

First there is the stats line of the former Mets player: 14 points in 28 minutes with an interesting 6 out of 10 shooting (despite his 1 out of 5 from three points), 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 interception . And what a stolen ball by the way, from a certain Joël Embiid who thought he could restart the game calmly from his camp before having the ball stolen by the Frenchman who went for the dunk.

Coulibaly also highlighted himself with some particularly timely and sharp circle attacks, showing his perfect acclimatization to the NBA in just a month and a half of competition. Over the last ten matches, the native of Saint-Cloud has a 54% shooting skill (47% at three points) and would undoubtedly deserve to be even more highlighted by the Wizards staff given the current performance of the team from the federal capital.

Facing Coulibaly, Nicolas Batum was the starter for the 76ers. The veteran performed according to his usual standards with 33 minutes of play, 9 points (2 of 4 shooting), 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Small downside on the address behind the free throw line with only a 4 out of 7 for the captain of the Blues.

Théo Maledon (Charlotte Hornets) and Olivier Sarr (Oklahoma City Thunder) not having been lined up, Killian Hayes is the last Frenchie to have played Wednesday night in the NBA. The leader was unable to prevent the Detroit Pistons’ 18th straight defeat against the Memphis Grizzlies (116-102). He was lined up for 27 minutes for 12 points (5 of 13 shooting), 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 interception and unfortunately 3 lost balls.

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