ASSE Struggles: Coach Fired and Player Controversy Unfolds

ASSE suffered a fifth consecutive setback yesterday. It was enough to set the green house on fire. The club is not completely free of its objectives, but the urgency is starting to be felt.

First decision, Laurent Batlles was fired from his position as coach. Despite all his good will, the now ex-Saint-Etienne coach did not survive this umpteenth series of defeats. In the meantime, in this storm, behavior goes down very badly in the eyes of the supporters.

Charcoal worker in serious sporting difficulty

It is that of Gaëtan Charbonnier. The Saint-Etienne striker who arrived during the 2022 World Cup break, just a year ago, is in turmoil. Indeed, the former Auxerre arrived to put a locker room back in place after a catastrophic start to 2022. Having played his role brilliantly, Charbonnier was injured in early 2023. The diagnosis was unrelenting: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. After months of work, he is back as soon as the 2023-2024 season resumes. Speed ​​that impresses.

During this time, the club chose to extend the striker who had signed for a very comfortable salary, in particular with a tidy maintenance bonus. The start of the season is logically difficult for the striker who must regain sensations and digest his injury. In summary, he is criticized on a sporting level and supporters are growing impatient with his case. His performance yesterday against Guingamp does not speak in his favor!

In the eye of the storm

At the end of the match and this did not go unnoticed, the players went to face the stands who had completely different behaviors. The South kop spoke with the players (including Moueffek on the front line) to sound the alarm for a club which is sailing by sight and of which no one is speaking publicly in this storm. On the north kop side, the supporters turned their backs on the players who did not wish to interact with them.

However, one absence was a blemish on the players’ desire to take responsibility for the supporters: the absence of Gaëtan Charbonnier. Returning directly to the locker room when the final whistle blew, the player’s behavior went badly. Already absent to greet the supporters on Saturday during the defeat at Amiens, his attitude does not please the supporters, even more so given his status. Between effect, considered a leader and a strong man in the locker room, his choice goes badly. Moreover, it is difficult to see Cheikh Fall, Karim Cisse, Maxence Rivera present and coping while Gaëtan Charbonnier, but also Victor Lobry are missing…

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