Is Lionel Messi Really the Athlete of the Year 2023? A Look at Novak Djokovic’s Impressive Achievements

Like most sports fans, we really like Lionel Messi in the editorial staff of We Love Tennis. The number 10, world champion with Argentina for the first time in his career a year ago, fully deserves the praise. But there are also limits to everything.

While the famous magazine Time has just crowned him “athlete of the year 2023”, we are still entitled to question the credibility of this award.

Without falling into a pro‐tennis prism, it nevertheless seems to us that Novak Djokovic would have largely deserved this distinction, particularly because of the very title of it: ” (athlete) of the year ».

Indeed, unlike the Argentine footballer who won the World Cup in one month of competition, the Serbian, at the age of 36, has played in no less than four Grand Slam finals in 2023 and won three over a period …from January to September!

We are not going to cry conspiracy and question the talent of Lionel Messi, but we can also say that Novak Djokovic deserves a little more respect from a certain press for everything he achieves even though he has already won everything in doubles or triples.

2023-12-06 14:44:00
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