Disappointing Start for Italy in Women’s Badminton European Team Championships

There is no comforting news coming from Madrid, home of the qualifiers for the women’s badminton European team championships. Italy, included in the same group as Spain, Luxembourg and Sweden, had started its journey on the right foot yesterday, defeating the Luxembourg team with a score of 4-1.

Today, however, the Joaquin Blume High Performance Center did not give great satisfaction in the comparison with the Swedesgiven the favorable outcome for the Scandinavians 3-2. A real shame because in the three singles the Bel Paese was ahead.

After the defeat of Judith Mair against Cecilia Wang on the score of 14-21 21-19 21-18, our standard bearers had turned the situation around with the successes of Gianna Stiglich against Mirjam Lindgaerde for 21-17 21-14 and of Emma Piccinin opposite to Elin Ryberg per 21-19 21-11.

It was the two doubles that defeated the Italian team. In the first, the duo Martina Corsini/Gianna Stiglich had to surrender with a score of 21-13 21-11 to the pair formed by Malena Norrman it’s yes Jessica Silvennoinen. Same goes for Judith Mair/Emma Piccininforced to raise the white flag in front of Moa Sjo/Tilda Sjo on the score of 21-16 21-9.

The path for Italy is decidedly uphill for qualification for the continental event, considering that the next opponents (tomorrow from 3.30pm) will be the hosts Spain.

Photo: European Games

2023-12-07 16:07:58
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