Manchester City in Crisis: Can they Repeat the Treble?

The start of the crisis at Manchester City!

After a formidable treble last season, the Skyblues are having a slightly more delicate start to the season. Against Unai Emery’s Aston Villa yesterday, Manchester City fell, losing 1-0. Another setback against one of this season’s sensation teams in the Premier League. The Skyblues have just had a fourth unsuccessful match in the Premier League, three draws and a defeat. As a result, Pep Guardiola’s gang is 4th this Thursday, 6 points behind leader Arsenal. Kevin De Bruyne is certainly one of the reasons for the Cityzens’ bad luck. Absent since August, the Skyblues playing master was not expected to make his return before the start of 2024, he who relapsed during the first match of the season after injuring his thigh during the Champions League final against Inter. His absence was sorely felt, but fortunately for Guardiola, some good news arrived. KDB has been included in the list of players selected by Manchester City to play in the Club World Cup which will take place in December in Saudi Arabia. A return which should do good for the Mancunian troops. Note also that a Saudi newspaper revealed that a first offer was sent to the Belgian international. And it comes from the surprising Al-Qadsiah club, which plays in the Saudi second division. It remains to be seen whether this XXL offer can turn his head. It is obviously too early to sound the alarm. Despite an early elimination in the League Cup against Newcastle, Manchester City can still repeat the treble! At a press conference, Pep Guardiola also dropped a hell of a bomb if that was the case: “If we win the treble this season, I will retire. For sure. I know it’s extremely difficult given how many incredible teams have been to England. We did it last season… We will see our level and the competition itself dictates your level, the opponent too. But in September, October and November, thinking about the title? Forget that “he blurted.

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Paul Pogba’s possible sentence known

Bad news for Pogba! Testing positive for DHEA (DHEA can increase testosterone levels), Pioche has since been removed from the Juventus professional group and awaits his sentence. The Anti-Doping Tribunal has taken up the case and we now know what the prosecution is demanding against the player. While there was talk of a two-year suspension, the anti-doping prosecution, after its investigation, decided to request a 4-year sanction according to information from Tuttosport. Terrible news for the 30-year-old player. It now remains to be seen how the Frenchman will defend himself in this matter in order to considerably reduce this sanction. As a reminder, the Old Lady will have the right to terminate the contract of the former Manchester United player or to pay him the minimum wage during this suspension period once the sanction is known.

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Towards a departure from Rayan Cherki?

Return to the Olympico between OM and OL which was finally able to be played yesterday, without violence. A match which ultimately did not really take place, at least in terms of suspense. In this collective shipwreck of the Lyonnais, beaten 3-0, Rayan Cherki delivered another indigestible performance. Guilty of losing the ball on Marseille’s first goal, Cherki, who thought there was a foul on him, stopped playing. The attitude of the Lyonnais is strongly questioned. If he shines with Thierry Henry’s Espoirs, it’s day and night when he wears the jersey of his training club. A year and a half from the end of his contract, Rayan Cherki will not be retained. According to our information, the door is not closed for the 20-year-old, whose starting price reaches around 20 million euros. Other sources assure us that Lyon hopes to reap a little more with its player. But the player’s pitiful performance should not help OL make the most of their jewel. For the moment, things aren’t really happening for him yet. Last summer, Chelsea and West Ham were interested. Last winter, it was PSG who tested the waters without necessarily going further. There is no doubt that the next few months will be decisive for Rayan Cherki, to whom nothing can be forgiven.

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