Cultural Exchange and Twinning Agreement between Joe Di Maggio House Museum and Pittsburg Historical Museum

The Joe Di Maggio House Museum had the honor of receiving visits by Rena Rountree, Director of the Pittsburg Historical Museum (California), and her sister Ragna Rostad. Welcoming them were Agata Sandrone, President of BCsicilia Isola delle Femmine and curator of the Museum and Antonino Scala, President of the “Isola Pittsburg Forever” Association.
Dr. Rena complimented how the memory of Joe Di Maggio, the greatest baseball champion of all time, is kept alive, and above all the commitment to remembering the many emigrants who left their homeland to seek their fortune somewhere else. During the meeting, an agreement was reached to encourage cultural exchanges between the structures and enhance the ties between the two twinned towns.
The director of the Pittsburgh Museum donated to the Joe Di Maggio Museum a beautiful tapestry which depicts the most important monuments of Pittsburgh, among these the statue of the Fisherman of which there are two copies, one located on Isola delle Femmine in Piazza Pittsburg, the other in Pittsburgh in the square, precisely called, Isola delle Femmine.
Attached photo Directors Pittsburg Historical Museum Rena Rountree, Agata Sandrone and Antonino Scala.

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