Daniele Scardina will spend Christmas with his family: “After 10 months in hospital he is returning home. I continue to fight”

“After 10 months in hospital and rehabilitation we go back home“. With a reel on your Instagram Daniele Scardina announced that he will spend Christmas with his family. A great achievement for the boxer, who was hit by one last February 28th cerebral hemorrhage after a workout that put him in a coma. His battle is not over yet: “Falling and then getting back up. Hard work and suffering. Hit bottom, rise and rise like a phoenix. Keep fighting for a dream. This is my motto,” wrote King Toretto.

“Il December 20th I’ll be back in my city with the warmth of my family which is all of you. I continue to thank you for the support e affection that you have shown me every day also through the many messages that I hope to be able to respond to soon”, added Scardina in the message that accompanies the reel. The 31-year-old from Rozzano had already returned to speak to his fans a few weeks ago, when he posted a photo and another message: “I am grateful for being here to write to you”.

Last February, in fact, the 31-year-old boxer suffered the injury of two veins due to an abrupt movement of his neck during a routine training. Rushed to hospital Humanitas of Rozzano and subjected to a very delicate intervention at brain, the boxer had fallen into a coma. The good news arrived the following April 26, when his brother announced that King Toretto had left the country therapy intensive. His life was no longer in danger, but from there a long rehabilitation began in a center in the province of Lecco. Now, the most awaited announcement: the one about returning home.


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