“Solidarity Breakfasts” Initiative Collects Food for Children’s Food Bank in Cueto de Santander

The ‘Solidarity Breakfasts’ initiative, which seeks to collect food for the Children’s Food Bank, will be held until January 7 at the Uco Lastra pavilion in Cueto de Santander.

There, those interested in collaborating will be able to deliver in the pavilion, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., all types of food intended mainly for children’s breakfast, such as milk, baby food, cereals, cookies, cocoa, or porridge.

The challenge will be to exceed the 1,300 kilos of food that were collected in the first edition of this solidarity initiative.

It is organized by the Bansander Club and the counseling service and sports instructors of the Santander sports halls and in which other entities are involved such as the Judo Federation, the Eloy Villanueva Sports Club, the Association of Friends of Luena and the Cristina Pharmacy of Luena, in addition to the City Council itself through
of its Municipal Sports Institute (IMD).

The mayor, Gema Igual, accompanied by the Councilor for Sports, Beatriz Pellón, and officials from the Bansander Club, visited the Uco Lastra pavilion in Cueto where the products are collected.

Once the donation period ends on January 7, all the food collected will be counted and delivered to the Children’s Food Bank.

The councilor reminded the people of Santander and citizens in general of the need to get involved in this collection “because with a small contribution a lot can be done for the people who need it most.”

“In these times it is worth doing a little reflection and collaborating with all those who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives, especially with those families with less income and with minors in their care,” said Igual.

2023-12-06 20:58:04
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