Sporting’s call against Eldenese to tie second place and go on an undefeated eighth day

Sporting already has those chosen for this Monday’s match at El Molinón against Eldense (9:00 p.m.). The rojblancos will seek to regain victory after two consecutive draws and remain in second place for the fourth consecutive week. Furthermore, the people of Gijón have it in their power to go through the eighth matchday without knowing defeat at the expense of one of those recently promoted to the category. The Alicante team, in any case, is one of the fittest teams in the first third of the championship. The squad list has the absences of the suspended Christian Rivera and the injured Zarfino and Bamba. The only discard, due to a technical decision, is Enol Coto.

The call-up is made up of Ruben Yanez, Christian Joel, Pascanu, Guille Rosas, Insua, Cali Izquierdoz, Robert Pier, Jose Angel, Pablo Garcia, Diego Sanchez, Hassan, Fran Villalba, Jordan, Nacho Mendez, Roque Mesa, Varane, Nacho Martin , Gaspar, Queipo, Geraldino, Djuka, Campuzano and John Other.

2023-11-26 12:30:36
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