Luka Doncic Takes Charge Against the Houston Rockets and How He Led the Mavericks to Victory

Despite being eliminated from the NBA In-Season Tournament and playing against the Houston Rockets as in just another regular league game, Luka Doncic takes charge. It is his habit of maximum greatness, the one that puts him in the race for everything in the season. He excelled in his performance, with 41 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists.

Added 52% since launch, a sign of efficiency. Also a victory against the best defense in the NBA (121-115) to continue expanding his magic. And it is differential because no player not named Luka Doncic has games this season with 40 or more in scoring and no turnovers.

Doncic signs a winning ‘sky-hook’ against the Rockets

Doncic billed one of those performances that has no parallel. Although it is true that he was not good from the triple (3/10), he shot 15/29 from the field and was in charge of assuming the decisive moments of the game. He combined with Kyrie Irving (27 points and 5 assists) and killed the Rockets in the final minutes. Especially iconic was a shot in which he scooped up his own rebound and delivered a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hook. “What were you thinking when you shot?” they asked him in the press room. “Let him put it in,” Doncic replied.

I knew I would put that hook

Luka Doncic

Burst the Cup

Doncic danced with Dillon Brooks, LeBron’s public enemy and any player in the world considered a star. He had no problems, with the Mavs having more difficulties in the second half to secure the victory. “I felt great. We played great in the first half defensively, they are a great team with a lot of talent and it’s hard,” he confessed. And in the stands was Dirk Nowitzki, one of his ‘fathers’ in Dallas, who vibrated at all times with Doncic’s actions. He had no qualms about starting an ‘MVP’ chant when the Slovenian was to the personnel line.

Doncic scores on Brooks

The Teuton also fueled that duel with Brooks. “Talk to him. Tell him,” Nowitzki said when Doncic became strong inside with the guard on top. A way to make it clear that what cuts others off, makes ’77’ stronger on the field. “I love playing against him. I really respect what he does. We don’t stop laughing. It always amuses me,” Doncic acknowledged about one of the best defenders in the world. And on the field he was also in charge of talking. His “I am him” [expresin muy utilizada en Estados Unidos para referirse a que eres el mejor] During the decisive moment he said everything.

Talk to Dillon Brooks. Dselo

Nowizki, a Doncic

In that way and although it may not have crossed his mind, Doncic eliminated the Rockets from the Cup. In their group, the Pelicans pass as group champions and the Phoenix Suns take the wild card in the Western conference. Luka, who began losing against Denver, leaves with two sensational performances in a tournament that reminds him of the Copa del Rey.

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