Guaguas’ future in the Champions League is complicated

The Champions League returned to the CID 28 years later and did so with a match of the highest demand between the Buses and the third classified of the last Bundesliga, the SVG Lüneburg that landed on the Island with the former yellow Matt Knigge among its ranks.

The Germans imposed their game in the first round, becoming strong from their service, against a fighting Guaguas, who did not give up any ball for lost but could not avoid giving in in the first partial battle by 20-25.

Equality was maintained in the second act, which became an exchange of blows from beginning to end that ended with the German side opting by a tight 23-25.

Guaguas deserved more for their effort and Sergio Miguel Camarero’s men found it in the third act in which they brought out their best volleyball to reduce the gap, winning 25-21 to force the fourth round.

Lüneburg took note of what happened, strengthened its defense and recovered its best play to close the match with a 20-25 in the last round, to win 1-3 on the scoreboard.

2023-11-29 22:09:20
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