“Haha nooo! What’s happening? #vargameseñor!”, wrote Àlex Márquez when he saw how Marc ran

The biographers of the legendary Valentino Rossithe great enemy of Marc Márquez, who repeatedly made him bitter about winning his tenth world title, that when the ‘Doctor’ starred in a maneuver similar to the one that Marc Márquez just did, changing, in 2003, his Honda for a Yamaha, when ‘Vale’ arrived, for the first time, at the box of the tuning fork brand, he said: “Don’t even think about that I have come here to be second.” And he repeated the title.

What the eldest of the Márquez family did yesterday on his first day on the Ducati It was, simply, impressive. But not for the spectators and journalists who gathered, dozens of them, at the Ricardo Tormo layoutNo, but for those who know the most about this, which are not only the managers, engineers, technicians and mechanics of MotoGP, but also the riders, since all of them expressed their admiration for someone who, 20 minutes into get on your new ‘Desmosedici’, after having spent 11 years on the Honda RC213Vhas already placed among the top three on the top category grid.

Such was the barbarity that Marc Márquez starred in that his brother Àlex, who was also prodigious, couldn’t think of anything else to pay tribute to him than to write the following funny message on X (formerly a tweeter): “Jaja nooo! Ka pasaooo? #vargameseñor!” And Marc took over the controls of the Ducati in just eight laps, which it took him to return to his box, take off his helmet and show a smile from ear to ear, the same one that causes fear in his opponents, who remembered one of his favorite phrases: “Switched to Ducati to have fun again; “Only if the smile returns to my face will I be able to win”.

Marc Márquez leaves the Gresini team box in front of dozens of photographers. ALEX FARINELLI

“I’m afraid that Marc (Márquez) is going to fight for the title again since his first year at Ducati,” he said. Alberto Puigone of his first admirers, friend and Team Manager Repsol Honda. “Why do I say that? First because I know him very well and I know that he has made the change to try to become champion again. And, second, because I saw him smile at his first stop at the workshop. The truth is, you didn’t have to be very smart to know that he was going to be very fast right from the start, as soon as he got on a winning bike. And I’m happy, I’m very happy.”

“As soon as I saw him smile when he got off his Ducati, I thought ‘Marc is going to fight for the title next year’, you’ll see”

Alberto Puig – Team Manager of the Repsol Honda team

Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’four-time world champion, owner of one of the best teams in the world world and also a great admirer of MM93, no detail of Márquez’s debut with the Ducati was missed. “I’ve gone to see him in the curves and, honestly, it’s impressive. He still has a privileged, aggressive, decisive driving style, but what I admire most about him is the courage he has had to make such a risky decision, since he has left a team that paid him a fortune and is going, alone, to start a new challenge. Just thinking about that courage, that desire, that desire to prove himself again, I already want him to be champion again.”

Davide Tardozzione of the team leaders Ducati Corse, a great admirer of Marc since his glorious appearance with the Honda MotoGP in his debut in 2013, predicted that Márquez would be, from the outset, in the top-5 on the first day “if he does not achieve the first time, which could, yes he could ”. Now, given what he has seen, Tardozzi is convinced that with his driving and aggressiveness, with the advice he will offer to our engineers, “our Ducati will improve even more, because Marc, with his determination, will make the other seven riders of our brand not want to stay behind”. Maybe Gigi Dall’Igna I wouldn’t want Márquez on Ducati; Tardozzi dreamed of him and that is why he is happy.

“I admire what Marc has done. He gave up everything, including a lot of money, to test himself, which shows his competitive spirit”

Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ – Four-time motorcycling world champion

“The same day that I found out that Marc (Márquez) had signed for Ducati I thought that I would be able to get the best time in the test on Tuesday in Valencia,” said the already two-time champion Pecco’ Bagnaia. “And, look, I wasn’t wrong by much, no.” Márquez finished fourth, 0.171 off the best time of Maverick Viñales (Aprilia) and ahead of the leader of the Borgo Panigale firm by more than half a second.

When Tardozzi announces a more even, contested, competitive and interesting World Championship than ever, he is referring, of course, to the fact that, now, the Ducati riders will have Marc Márquez’s telemetric data at their disposal and will be able to analyze how he runs, why he is so fast and how he does it in every corner. The first one to realize this was ‘the beast”, Enea Bastianini, who showed his admiration by reviewing MM93’s telemetry on his fastest lap. “No one, no one, none of the eight Ducati riders, had been able to complete Turn 8 of Cheste at the speed and inclination that Marc did today (yesterday). It is impressive, I repeat, impressive, to analyze his data. . It seems like he doesn’t brake and it’s incredible how he lifts the bike like it’s nothing. It is clear that he has taken over the controls of the Ducati in no time.”

Marc Márquez, with his new Ducati, in his fastest turn, yesterday, in Cheste. MIDDLE GALICIA STAR

Neither Márquez nor anyone from the Gresini team could comment yesterday on the role played by Marc in this first test, since Honda, with whom he had a contract until December 31, 2024, allowed him to test the ‘Desmosedici’ in Cheste, as long as he did not neither he nor anyone else made statements about his essay.

Of course, Márquez crossed paths with his closest collaborators and asked them all, all of them, the same question, outlining the smile that those who know they have made a big mess of with their behavior, with their exploits, with their debut have. “What, you liked it, didn’t you?” He whispered to them as he passed them. “It wasn’t bad, right?” The admiration that Márquez provoked as he passed by was tremendous.

So much so that the Italian Alessio ‘Uccio’ Saluccipersonal friend of Rossi, his partner in the team VR46 and responsible for the entire structure of the Academia from the ‘Doctor’ in Tavullia, admitted to me that, now, once seen the ease with which Márquez has adapted to the Ducati, “you are a little closer, very little, but a little closer to winning the 1,000 euros we bet.”

“It’s impressive to see Marc’s telemetry. When he reaches turn 8, it seems like he doesn’t brake and it’s incredible how he lifts the bike, as if nothing had happened. None of us can do that”

Enea Bastianini – Ducati Corse driver

In the middle of the season, ‘Uccio’, who can’t swallow Márquez, challenged me to bet on Marc. And I did. I bet a thousand euros that Marc will win at least two more titles before retiring. When Márquez found out about this challenge, he told me, in the middle of a press conference last Sunday, that he would give me “1,000 more euros” if he achieved those two titles. We both agreed that we would give those 2,000 euros to the ‘Two Wheels for Life’ Foundationfrom the pilot American Randy Mamolawhich helps children in Africa, both in education and health.

One thing is clear after the exhibition that Marc Márquez starred in on the day of his debut with the Ducati ‘Desmosedici’ that, until now, the French Johann Zarco, whose bike was (is) a step lower than the ‘Desmosedici’ ridden by Bagnaia, Bastianini and Jorge Martín, and all his opponents will spend a much more restless winter than they thought they would if the eight-time Catalan world champion were to leave. I would have stayed at Honda. Now they know that, in 2024, they will have the worst rival of all, the new Marc Márquez, the Marquez 2.0.

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