Marvel’s Gaming Empire Continues to Grow: Are We Getting an MCU Tie-In?

Marvel seems to be making a splash in the gaming world with a slew of releases, and there are rumors of a title closely tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel fans have been treated well lately, with the extraordinary Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming in 2023, the first alpha phase for Marvel Rivals, and a leaked Fortnite roadmap that includes a new crossover event in Chapter Five, Season 4. announces.

After the cinema, Marvel is now taking over the gaming world

Additionally, we already know that Marvel’s Wolverine is in development at Insomniac, Marvel’s Blade is on the way from Arkane, untitled Black Panther and Iron Man games at EA, and Marvel 1943: The Rise of Hydra from Skydance Interactive.

But according to AlexFromCC on X (formerly Twitter), these aren’t the only Marvel licenses currently in development. He claims that “an MCU-related” title is in the works. Although there are few details, I know what is at the top of my wish list.

With a variety of Marvel titles covering a range of genres, it might be difficult to find a way to make an impression with another game. But Marvel could and should revive the collaboration with TT Games and bring another LEGO game into the fold.

We already had the spectacular LEGO Marvel Super Heroes from 2013 and a sequel four years later, telling unique stories in which Marvel’s heroes and villains teamed up to fend off the threat of Galactus as the sequel unfolds Kang the Conqueror focused.

Marvel fans can review their favorite films

In addition to these two games, LEGO Marvel Avengers took a different approach in 2016, recreating the MCU films with bricks – something that TT Games has successfully done several times, including with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in 2022 , which contained all nine Star Wars films in the main series.

A similar approach with Marvel and the Infinity Saga, which covers everything from “The Incredible Hulk” to “Endgame,” would give fans a whole new way to enjoy the saga and bring back fond memories of all the films we enjoy have.

Marvel’s TV series could also appear as mini-missions, similar to the individual hero films in LEGO Marvel Avengers, which feature an amazing number of heroes, villains and all other characters.

We don’t know when we’ll hear more about this rumored Marvel project or if it even exists, but I know exactly what I’m praying for.

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