«Dybala and Lukaku are the strongest couple in Serie A. Roma can reach the top 4»

Francesco Totti spoke on the first episode of Bobo TV, which has since landed on the radio TV channels of the Lega Serie A RDS. «Dybala is the fulcrum of this team, and then there is the strength of Lukaku. As a former footballer I say that it is the strongest couple in the championship, it is perfect. I hope they show us more. It all depends on Dybala’s physical problems. If four or five balls come to Lukaku, he throws one in,” said the former captain.


Bobo TV on the official Serie A radio without Adani, Cassano and Ventola: here are the super guests of the first episode (Totti is also there)

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Then speaking about Roma’s ambitions he added: «It is equipped and structured to reach the top four. After being left out for so many years, it’s the right time to return to the Champions League.” Finally a comment on Mourinho: «For me he is one of the greatest coaches around in the world. Chapeau. He took you to two European finals in two years, it never happened to Roma. For this alone he should be praised. As a Roma fan, I thank him for life for this, then if this year he manages to take you to the Champions League… Roma is a great team and must have a great coach like Mourinho. I’m happy if he stays, if he goes I hope someone of his caliber arrives”, concluded Totti.

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