Artem Pustovyi was the best of the Obradoiro

The Ukrainian pvot captured 11 rebounds in the Nou Congost before Manresa

19 nov 2023 . Updated at 4:21 p.m.


He appeared in the second quarter to stop the strong rhythm of the Manresans with two baskets. He was one of the few who was saved from the shipwreck. He only contributed six points, but he was the king of the paint with eleven sacks. He was, after Thomas Scrubb, the one who played the most minutes.


Fer Zurbriggen | 5

Only two points on two free throws in almost twenty minutes.

Paul Figueras | 4

He scored his two points in the third quarter. He played twenty minutes.

Jordan Howard | 5

He showed his talent with a three-pointer right at the start of the third quarter. It was the only shot he got from the perimeter. This time I didn’t find the magic to avoid the chaos of his team.

Roko Badzim | 5

He was the best in the first quarter. He scored his team’s first six points with two three-pointers in just over a minute. He was the most toned in the gray first part of thetrabajoiristas. He did not participate in the third quarter and did not score in the second half.

lvaro Muoz | 5

It was vital in the team’s reaction at the start of the last quarter. He added five consecutive points, with a triple, but Manresa’s reaction took away from his good participation.

Thomas Scrubb | 5

He was Obradoiro’s second top scorer, equaling Badzim’s eight points, but he was more subdued than usual. He shook his pulse on numerous occasions, making only two of eleven field goals.

Tres Tinkle | 4

A triple from five attempts. His best moments were at the beginning of the third quarter.

Lex Surez | 3

He went blank in the eleven minutes in which he participated. He only recorded a missed triple.

Rubn Guerrero | 4

He was the center who played the least. He didn’t reach nine minutes, but he was more intimidating than Blazevic in the paint, with four sacks.

Marek Blazevic | 4

He was much less participatory than in other games. In the painting he barely intimidated, as he only captured a rebound.

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