ATP Finals 2023 in Turin: Controversy Over Decision to Remove Electronic Line Calling

Electronic line calling will be dispensed with at the 2023 ATP Finals in Turin. That’s not a good decision.

by Jens Huiber

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Aurelie Tourte discusses with Holger Rune

The ATP doesn’t miss a beat in Turin, neither on the grounds of the Pala Alpitour nor in the city center, where with almost every step you stumble over some board, a huge tennis ball, which reminds you that the best eight professionals of the year have their unofficial Determine world champions.


But where savings were made: on electronic line calling. And that’s actually hair-raising. Because if there is already a system that works almost perfectly, then one wonders why the ATP relies on this instrument for its biggest tournament of the year (the Grand Slam events are the responsibility of the ITF and the respective associations). waived. The players certainly wouldn’t object to that – they want security. And from 2025, the digital linesmen will finally take over.

Worries about the offspring

The match between Jannik Sinner and Holger Rune in particular showed why this would have made sense in the current edition. Especially since chair referee Aurelie Tourte had a rather weak day, and not just in a challenge that she didn’t want to grant Rune.

And speaking of Aurelie Tourte: The only valid argument why there are still real people on the line at some tournaments could be that the higher-level umbrella organizations are concerned about the young talent. The “classic” route from the line up to the chair will soon no longer exist, at least at the ATP. Everything else, however, is better served with electronic line calling.

Here is the individual tableau in Turin

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