After Approval for Move to Vegas, Athletics to Remain in Oakland as The Oakland Ballers

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023. 08:43

Less than two weeks ago, major league owners approved the Athletics’ move from Oakland to Vegas. But guess what? Baseball is back in Oakland!

Yes already.

Goodbye the A’s, welcome the B’s!

The Oakland Ballers will play in the Pioneer Baseball League beginning in the 2024 season.

The B’s slogan? Built by Oakland, for Oakland, Oakland forever.

The Ballers’ website states that “Oakland is resuming baseball.” Our team was stolen from us but now we are getting baseball back for the people of Oakland. The Ballers will be in the city forever and we will be a team close to the fans to make Oakland a champion city. »

As the league announced in its official press release, around fifty local investors paid a total sum of two million dollars for the creation of the Ballers. Now all that remains is to find players and a general manager.

If you are ever interested in the position, a job offer has even been posted on a hiring site.

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