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I understand The door, huh? Or, to be exact, I can understand it. It’s like that scene from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange in which the protagonist, Álex, who is an extremely violent and asocial guy, has a kind of helmet placed on his head that forces him to keep his eyes open and contemplate very interesting scenes. violence because, in this way, they think they can cure it. In other words, shock therapy. There comes a time when he says “I’m cured, I’m cured!”, but an operator tells him no and that he has to continue with his eyes open watching all that rubbish. Well, something similar happens with Laporta, although without a helmet. The president of Barcelona is a relatively young man, he has just turned 61, but he has all his life being taught, forced to consume independence garbage. Laporta, and like him for several generations, went to kindergarten and they taught him to hate Spain, then to EGB and they taught him to hate Spain, then to BUP and the same thing, later he accepted the selectivity and the same and then, in University, he graduated with full honors, first as a hater of everything Spanish and then as a lawyer.

He became a culé because he was not going to be a Spaniard, what a name!, and there his fierce hatred was transferred to the playing field, to the field. Laporta He will die, I hope in many years, hating Spain and, by extension, to something as Spanish as Real Madrid. He has been consuming this garbage for so long that he no longer even remembers when he started doing it and, behind him, entire generations of Catalans who actually believe that Spain steals from them, that Franco helped Real Madrid or that Barça fought against Franco when in History books, and they are there for anyone who wants to consult them, explain the opposite. Before being president of Barça, Joan Laporta is a soldier of the independence movement, or Laporta may be president of Barça precisely because he is a soldier.I don’t know if the chicken or the egg came first.. What would have happened to me if they had been teaching me all my life to hate, for example, Catalonia? Well, I suppose that today I would hate Catalonia in a very similar way to how Laporta hates Spain. Does Laporta have a fix? No, he doesn’t have it. And those who are after him? They don’t have it either. That is why all those Catalans who, having probably been forced to consume the same garbage, still resist the ideological invader have so much merit.

Hence, Joan Laporta’s statements today must be contextualized. Of course he is the owner of his actions but what he says does not come from the mouth of someone informed but from someone who is absolutely and totally fanatical. His idol is not Cruyff, nor Barça, nor even Catalonia; he worships the god of anti-Spanish. There is hope? Well, I’m sorry to inform you that there isn’t one. But the fact that there is no hope and Laporta is the product of a certain ideology does not mean that the rest of us, who are reasonably well, do not know how to discern what is a fact from what is a joke, a joke in bad taste. Does Laporta believe everything he says? Of course he believes it. He believes it much like Uncle Teddy in Arsenic out of compassion He was believed to be the president of the United States of America, and when he went to his room he would come up the stairs playing his trumpet. To Joan Laporta You have to listen to him like you listen to a showman but he doesn’t look for the truth, he only looks for clicks., look for visits. And I think we are wrong (and I am the first) to attend to him, but it turns out that he presides over a club as important as Barça. We shouldn’t do it: “Who said this?”… “Laporta?”… “Ah, well, then it doesn’t matter.” Because the president of Barça sneaks his message to us. Months ago it was Franco, today sociological Madridismo.

Joan Laporta has not given an interview today to tell us why he quadrupled Negreira’s turnover, nor has he been asked if he considers it normal to continue presiding over a club like Barça despite being charged. Laporta He has gone there to sell his lame and blind colt, which is what the independentistas have been doing for half a century in Spain. Laporta has not gone there to refute the judge or his arguments because he cannot do it, Laporta has gone there to put on his show, The Time of Joan Laporta. How could it have been that, in the height of madness, he came to say that FIFA will not give the 2030 World Cup final to the Camp Nou because the power centers will want it at the Bernabéu. And the man went so happy to his house.

There are those who have entered this rag of sociological Madridism But I’m not going to do it today, I’m not going to do it. And I’m not going to do it because these people are a fronton, they give you everything back. You send them the biggest scandal in the history of Spanish sport and they tell you that Real Madrid has been stealing for a hundred years. Who, among this man’s entourage, dares to tell him that he walks naked on the street? Nobody. The ridicule is his, the shame is for Barça and I suppose that the clappers will take whatever it takes at the end of the month. Now, it has to be unbearable to be forced to pretend for a plate of lentils, huh? Or for a plate of acorn-fed ham, it doesn’t matter. All the presidents of the Barcelona Football Club of the 21st century have been charged, convicted or imprisoned. All. And they all laughed and thanked them. To all. But it’s not funny, not even for a Real Madrid fan. It’s a pity. He is pitiful. And he represents a disgrace for Barça, for Catalonia and, of course, for Spain.

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