Liofilchem ​​Roseto Defeats Virtus Imola in a Comeback Win

After two consecutive defeats in the last two away games, Liofilchem ​​Roseto, still without captain Poletti, on the bench for the honor of signing, returns to winning in front of their fans, defeating Virtus Imola and thus rising to eight points in the standings. Decisive for the final result was the 29-7 scored by coach Gramenzi’s boys in the third period of the game, which broke the balance of the first twenty minutes, effectively giving them success.

The Biancazzurri immediately started very strongly (8-0 after three minutes of play), but the guests shook themselves off and put the match back in balance at 18-18, then ending the first half ahead by three points at 18-21. In the second period the shooting percentages dropped drastically, with Roseto having enormous difficulty finding the way to the basket, especially from long range, despite managing to construct open shots. Imola took advantage of this to keep ahead in the score, reaching +7 at 22-29 in the 17th minute, before the shock given by Klyuchnyk, who with five consecutive points brought him back into contact (27-29). Durante puts Roseto back in front at 33-30 in the 19th minute, before a triple by Masciarelli sends the two teams into the long halftime with a perfect tie at 33-33.

At the start of the second half the turning point of the match: Roseto raises the defensive intensity even more and finally manages to penetrate the opponent’s basket with greater ease, with Guaiana and Santiangeli in evidence, excellently supported by Donadoni. Rose’s lead increases minute by minute, until it exceeds twenty points at the end of the third quarter at 62-40 after a triple by Mantzaris at the buzzer. The match is essentially already decided, with the biancazzurri who, after having reached the maximum advantage of +29 (69-40) at the start of the last quarter, with the young Dervishi finding his first career points in Serie B, shoot rowing in a boat, perhaps even excessively. In fact, Imola took advantage of the situation to reduce the deficit, managing to even get back under double figures at 75-67 with just over a minute to go. But Klyuchnyk pushes the guests back from the line and seals the final result at 79-67.

Coach Gramenzi’s boys will return to the field on Wednesday 1 November for the seventh day of the championship away to Bisceglie.

BASKETBALL ROSETO-VIRTUS IMOLA 79-67 (18-21; 33-33; 62-40)

ROSETO: Durante 7, Fabris, Maiga 3, Poletti ne, Dervishi 2, Donadoni 11, Thiam ne, Guaiana 11, Tamani 5, Mantzaris 7, Klyuchnyk 17, Santiangeli 16. Coach: Gramenzi.

IMOLA: Masciarelli 8, Aglio 10, Morara 6, Magagnoli 2, Morina, Chiappelli 6, Alberti 1, Barattini 15, Balciunas 5, Ohenhen 14. Coach: Regazzi.

Referees: Silvestri and Spinelli from Rome.

Out for five fouls: Tamani.

2023-10-28 22:58:00
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