The Road to the Finals: Akiho Yonekawa’s Journey at the Judo Tournament

Interview and text: Satoru Mori, eJudo Editorial Department
Photo: Shinya Inui, Shinya Henmi
Conference dates: September 30 (Saturday) to October 1 (Sun), 2023 (R5)
Venue: Nippon Budokan

[Until the semi-finals]

Semi-finals, Akiho Yonekawa loses “ichippon” from Kairan Yamamoto

Who won the finalAkiho Yonekawa (4th year, University of Tsukuba)andSuzuo Kawaguchi (2nd year, Meiji International Medical University)

Last year’s tournament runner-up, hoping for revengeYonekawawon by default in the first match, and suddenly appeared in the quarterfinals. He captured Rakuyoshi Hatae (4th year at Nihon University), the champion of the Tokyo Student Judo Weight Class Championship, in a shiho-gatsu attack, and once he let him escape with a “waza-ari” move, he immediately put him back in a kesa-gatame position and performed the “ichippon” combination technique for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Easy victory. In the semi-finals, Kairan Yamamoto (Yamanashi Gakuin University 1st year), a big rookie who won last year’s Inter-High tournament and had shown great performance by winning all his matches up to this point, was defeated by a “Ippon” in 1 minute 56 seconds. He won the match and advanced to the final stage for the second consecutive year.

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