Judge Grants Abbreviated Trial for Defendants in Brutal Cori Beating Case

Beaten in Cori last April: the judge for the preliminary hearing of the Court of Latina grants the abbreviated trial

The judge for the preliminary hearing of the Court of Latina, Giuseppe Cario, accepted the request of the two defendants for attempted murder in Cori, defended by the lawyers Marino and Frisetti: 42-year-old Luigi Sinibaldi and 21-year-old Alex Fracassa will be judged with the abbreviated procedure in the hearing scheduled for January 19, 2024.

Last May, the youngest, 21 years old (with signature obligations), had exercised the right not to respond, while the other, 42 years old (under house arrest), declared to the judge for preliminary investigations, Giuseppe Molfese, as part of the guarantee interrogation, that he defended himself from an attack and that he thus got his hands on a baseball bat and a bottle.

This was the outcome of the interrogation to which the two men from Cori accused of attempted murder were subjected for having attacked two men aged around 40 in Cori last April.

In fact, last April 17th, in the late afternoon, the heavy beating with sticks occurred in the town. Two men were violently attacked near Porta Romana. The toll was heavy for both of them who were transported to the Latina hospital following blows received with baseball bats and glass bottles thrown forcefully even against their heads. The most serious suffered six fractured ribs, a punctured lung and various wounds on his face.

Having escaped from the attackers, the injured had taken refuge in a car park, to be rescued first by some citizens who were passing by and then by health workers who, considering the conditions of the two, had arranged for them to be admitted to hospital.

The case, immediately taken over by the officers of the Cisterna di Latina Police Station, reached a turning point when the two attackers – the 42-year-old and the 21-year-old local, the first of whom had a history of drug dealing and robbery – they were reached by the precautionary custody order under house arrest ordered by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Court of Latina.

The accusation remains serious: attempted murder, due to the fact that one of the two attacked had suffered very serious injuries and a guarded prognosis. Furthermore, one of the two attacked, who received a 30-day prognosis, is a cousin of the 42-year-old attacker. The other 40-year-old attacked instead risked dying, suffering a punctured lung from the blows he received and several wounds to his face as well as fractures to his nose, jaw and ribs.

“The two attackers – we read in a note from the Latina Police Headquarters – had shown up at the victims’ home armed with baseball bats with which they had violently beaten them, so much so that one of the two offended parties had suffered serious injuries to the head, with copious blood leakage, and for this reason he was transported under code red via 118 to the emergency room of the Santa Maria Goretti hospital in Latina, where he was subsequently admitted to the intensive care unit. The other offended party, however, was hospitalized at the Velletri hospital. At the end of the investigation – concludes the note – the Latina Prosecutor’s Office requested the competent GIP Office to issue the Measures carried out in relation to the crime of attempted murder”.

Behind the beating, the shadow of the drug debt, even if the investigators tried to dig and shed light on the causes of the argument because, at the time of the arrest, the reasons that moved the two men to act were not clear so violent. The person who would have lost the most would have been the one who owed money to the attackers: the man, who was given the reserved prognosis, for whom his friend, who had intervened to defend him, had also suffered the violent attack.

According to the two defendants, however, it was a degenerate argument that started due to disagreements in the past.

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