The Importance of Process and Positive Earnings: Insights from Coach Justin on the Indonesian National Team’s Development

Winning is a bonus, the important thing is to process and continue to show positive earnings.

These words, “Winning is a bonus, the important thing is the process” mentioned by Coach Justin, or in full Justinus Lhaksana, a former futsal coach and football commentator when responding to the situation of Coach Indra Sjafri, who received many negative comments when he brought the U-24 Indonesian National Team to the 2022 Asian Games men’s football championship and failed to reach the top 12.

Currently, this figure who was born on July 28 1967, who is sometimes also known as Coach or Kuch Justin, also discusses the role of Shin Tae-yong who succeeded in changing the perspective of the Indonesian national team players.

Quoted from Bandung, Indonesian players are physically inferior to other countries. Likewise passing skill and accuracy.

However, utilizing the quality of play from the distance between players is the main key used by Indonesian national team players in facing opponents.

“Secondly, the mindset that Shin Tae Yong instilled is play to win,” stressed Coach Justin.

This is what makes the mentality of the Indonesian National Team players stronger, especially when facing national teams from countries that are superior in the football sector.

Coach Justin (sumber: [TikTok])

It is these positive values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Coach Shin has successfully developed that Coach Justin said were able to bring the Indonesian National Team to good development.

Even in coaching style, Shin Tae-yong is not much different. Among other things, when he was compared to Luis Milla. The strategy and technique questions given to the Indonesian National Team are more or less similar.

“Luis Milla is not too different from Shin Tae-yong. However, previous coaches were different, namely in basic techniques. Football is a simple game that is difficult to play,” said Coach Justin, as quoted from the YouTube channel Persperktif Wilmar TV, Sunday ( 1/10/2023).

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“If I talk about basic techniques, that’s passing control. Then dribbling, then we talk about making decisions, then we talk about positioning,” he said.

Based on his personal observations, Coach Justin stated that before the Indonesian National Team was coached by Shin Tae-yong, the players often played long balls when they were under a little pressure from their opponents. In fact, our players’ long ball accuracy is poor.

“And that still happens in League 1, you press a little long ball. That’s not football. You don’t need a coach. It’s like playing without a coach if you press a little long ball,” said Coach Justin.

When the Indonesian National Team was held by Shin Tae-yong, the build-up was done from the back line. Passing games and spacing between adjacent players are also practiced.

“Because what Shin Tae-yong implemented was according to the capacity of our players,” said Coach Justin’s analysis.

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That is based on the physicality of our players, as well as passing skills and accuracy. The quality of the game from the distance between players is the main key used by the Indonesian national team players. And of course build mentality.


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