Deco Takes Charge: Barcelona Unifies Scouts and Sets Course for Future Success

Deco’s first words at the presentation of the new FC Barcelona organizational chart | Blanca Sanchez

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Sports planning at Barça never stops. The sports director, Deco, speaks every week with Xavi Hernández discussing names and ideas for the future. Deco has unified all the scouts of the Blaugrana club, who previously worked in an uncoordinated manner between the first team, subsidiary and technical office with the aim of sharing information and criteria. Deco sets the course to follow and will make the big decisions to improve the performance of the first team year after year.

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Barça needs a big sale again

The former Blaugrana player has a very good relationship with Xavi and the internal debate is healthy, but there are lines that Deco would not like to cross. One of them is to avoid signing players over 30 years of age unless it is an operation that cannot be rejected. Last year, three players with that age were signed and the quota is full.


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Both Deco and the club understand that these are good players, but also assets that will be unsellable in the future if necessary. Barça will not give up the market for free players, but towards profiles with greater projection. Decisions will begin to be made in November.

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