Çukurova Basketball Receives Strong Support from Mersin Port Authority

Great support to Çukurova Basketball, one of the strong teams of women’s basketball

A cooperation protocol was signed between the Mersin team and the International Mersin Port Authority (MIP), which aims to support infrastructure works and encourage children and young people to participate in sports and basketball. Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Çukurova Basketball Club President Serdar Çevirgen, MIP General Manager Ajay Kumar, MIP Finance Director Javier Lozano and Çukurova Basketball Vice President Ali Adalıoğlu attended the signing ceremony at Servet Tazegül Sports Hall, where Çukurova Basketball plays its matches.

Speaking at the protocol signing ceremony, Governor Pehlivan said, “A very important cooperation is starting between Çukurova Basketball, one of the proud sports clubs of our city, and Mersin Port Management, which has the status of the largest port of our country. It will be one of the most important and highest-priced cooperation protocols signed recently, especially at the local level. On behalf of our province, we, as the Governorship, encourage and protect this beneficial cooperation. We have a successful team. He achieved success in Europe and became 2nd in Europe. A team that not only won the championships in Turkey but also won the President’s Cup last year. “I believe that their success will continue to increase with this cooperation,” he said.

Çukurova Basketball President Serdar Çevirgen said that this union, which will give them great strength, will further grow the love of basketball in Mersin. Emphasizing that Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan’s role in this cooperation is great, Çevirgen said, “Our esteemed Governor is already with us in all our matches with his family. He provides great services for youth and sports. I would like to thank our governor for showing us at every opportunity what a good sports fan he is. Of course, the valuable managers of the MIP company, who cooperate with us, encourage young people in Mersin to focus on sports and play basketball, believe in our club and support us for new successes we have achieved since the day we were founded, General Manager Ajay Kumar, MIP Finance Director Javier Lozano. Or I should say thank you very much. “We are proud to have signed perhaps the biggest financial collaboration in women’s basketball in Turkey,” he said.

2023-10-28 00:50:58
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