Boca’s Controversial Defeat to River: VAR Annuls Cavani’s Goal and Almirón Alleges Biased Referee

Boca fell 2-0 against River thanks to goals from Salomón Rondón and Enzo Díaz, for the seventh round of the League Cup. But history could have changed, since 27 minutes into the second half, Edinson Cavani had scored the temporary tie for Xeneize, but it was annulled.

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The play occurred 30 minutes into the second half when the Uruguayan attacker headed a cross from Changuito Zeballos that hit the crossbar and scored with a half scissors on the rebound. However, the play was annulled at the request of the VAR due to a very fine offside.

AFA published the audio with the explanation of the play and the judges’ decision. “The player who converted was clearly in an offside position,” says the announcer. In the conversation between Héctor Paletta, in charge of the VAR, he analyzed the play and after several minutes he expressed to Andrés Merlos, main referee: “The offside has been confirmed.”

Audio VAR goal de Cavani

Jorge Almirón targeted referee Andrés Merlos after Boca’s defeat: “He is a River fan”

“It came out everywhere that today’s referee is a River fan, (he came out) with the River shirt,” coach Xeneize said at a press conference, alluding to the old photos that emerged in the last few hours in which he He sees the judge in the Millionaire’s clothing. And he added: “That cannot happen because it lends itself to these confusions and doubts.”

Jorge Almirón’s claims to Andrés Merlos

Regarding the claim of Paulo Díaz elbowing Marcelo Weigandt before River’s first goal, the Boca coach said: “The foul was clear because it was next to the bench, we are standing there. It is missing, it is clear. The play continues and they score the goal.”

“The play of the goal in favor is also millimetric,” he said about the goal disallowed to Edinson Cavani due to offside.

“It’s clear, the game ends and there remains that doubt about the key plays that are not in your favor. One is left with a certain doubt because of the environment, because of how it happens, because of the referee and because of how the game was handled,” he concluded.

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