San Luis Shines in National Competition with Historic Results and Inclusive Participation

With nine medals obtained on the last day, the provincial delegation shone again in the national competition. This Sunday at dawn, the almost 800 athletes who represented the province in La Felíz returned to San Luis.

On Saturday in Mar del Plata, San Luis did not stop in the harvest of medals with historic results for San Luis sport. Women’s under 14 football became champion for the first time in history, while badminton won two medals: silver in men’s doubles and bronze in women’s singles. For its part, in paddle tennis, the under 14 female couple became national champions, dressing in gold in front of the entire country, while the male couple, also under 14, won the silver medal.

In athletics, another of the disciplines with Puntano prominence, great results were achieved: silver medal in the 80 m sub 14 female for Uma Tello Jofré, there was also silver in the 295 m hurdles in the sub 17 female, Tiziana Rimedio Bila, and the The last silver medal in the men’s under 17 800 m went to Gonzalo Torres.

San Luis participation in the most federal and inclusive competition in the country was, as in recent editions, outstanding and with many positive conclusions to celebrate, highlighting results in disciplines with little history in the province, and maintaining one of its highest peaks. to adapted sport. Not only in terms of results, but in the inclusion of people with disabilities from all parts of the province.

San Luis has become one of the national powers in various disciplines, such as cycling, since year after year new riders appear and achieve great results, and for some years now, it has established itself as a province that generates talents in women’s cycling.

Badminton is another sport that began to evolve by leaps and bounds in the province. With its epicenter in the town of Naschel, this year the athletes won the silver medal in men’s doubles, and the bronze medal in women’s singles. In addition, positioning itself among the top five in the national ranking, which predicts a promising future for San Luis badminton.

Women’s soccer, another of the disciplines in which San Luis became a national benchmark, asserted its candidate status and on the last day, won the gold medal in the under 14 category. The same happens with handball, one of the most popular sports in the province, which won the bronze medal after an unprecedented campaign at the Evita Games.

San Luis, one of the leading provinces in Mar del Plata, year after year, celebrates meeting its objectives in the projection and development of new athletes, with short, medium and long-term planning. The numerical results are anecdotal, the focus is on the sustainability of development and sports inclusion in girls, boys and young people in each part of the province.

The Puntana delegation arrived in the province during the early hours of this Sunday. After 4:00 the first buses arrived in Villa Mercedes, and the rest of the delegation met with their families in Terrazas del Portezuelo after 6:00.

Note and photos: Sports Secretariat Press.

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