Xàtiva Badminton Club Shines at the Senior National Master’s Degree Competition

On September 16 and 17 it took place at the Murcia town of Las Torres de Cotillas the dispute of Senior National Master’s Degreean event that had the participation of a total of 148 athletes from 50 clubs in the national territorywho took the opportunity to evaluate their status ahead of the next big event, the Spanish Championship that will take place from October 13 to 15 in Benalmádena. Among this group of players were seven athletes from the Xàtiva Badminton Club, who after the tournament returned with a total of 11 medals (one gold, one silver and nine bronzes) and looking forward to making the most of the next 20 days to finish preparing for the National.

Poster announcing the Senior Master of Las Torres de Cotilla (Murcia). CB. XATIVA

Category A1-A2

We start with the category A1-A2 where in the test women’s doubles MªJosé Mompó together with his partner María Isabel Sáez They surpassed the group stage as first classified, to later play the semifinals against the pair formed by Carolina López and Jessica Perret, In a fairly equal match that narrowly escaped them (21-18 and 21-14), especially in the first set where the difference was minimal, they finally obtained a creditable third place.

Category B1

In the test of mixed doubles B1, Mª José Mompó and Julio Martín were very close to passing as first in the groupbut a very tight second match condemned them to second place, which meant that they had to play the semifinals against the number one seeded couple, formed by César Fernández and Carolina López who won by 21-16 and 21-9. The CB Xàtiva players added a new bronze metal.

Mª José Mompó and Julio Martín. Javier Alcázar Tomás

Category B2

In the test of men’s doubles category B2, Julio Martin and Vicente Ferrer They made it to the knockout phase after winning first place in group B, this allowed them to avoid the quarterfinal round and reach the semifinal. In it, the couple formed by Iván Gallardo and Bernardo Galmes, in a game that they started losing by a tight 21-17, but they managed to come back after winning the second by a clear 13-21. Everything seemed on track to consolidate the comeback, but a large number of unforced errors made by the Setabe couple condemned them, losing 21-14, and achieving a new bronze.

In the test of mixed doubles, Vicente Ferrer and Mónica Manrique of the CB St. Fernando from Valencia got third place. After reaching the final phase, after a highly contested group phase where they played two matches in the best of three sets, they faced the pair formed by Iván Gallardo and María Jesús Almagro, who easily won by 21-10 and 21-7.

Category C1

In the category C1the representative from Sebastián, José Luis Llopis In the singles event, they had a good group stage, winning their two matches and defeating the number one seed in two sets, 21-15 and 24-22. Already in the quarterfinals, he crossed paths with Antonio Jover and the attendees were able to enjoy a great match that lasted more than an hour, where Antonio took the lead after winning the first set 16-21, the Setabense tied the score after recovering and winning 21-19 in an even second set. In this way they reached the third and final set where the equality and alternation of points was constant, and finally the set fell to Antonio’s side 24-22, after a great set by both athletes. A meritorious 5th place for José Luis who was on the verge of securing bronze.

In the test of men’s doubles José Luis Llopis formed a couple with Juan Arenaswhere they did not manage to overcome the group stage after losing in another match that lasted more than an hour, in three sets against the Valencians Luis Gómez and Antonio Jover by 20-22, 21-18 and 12-21.

Category C2

In the category C2, the new addition of CB Xàtiva, Juan Carlos Hintze He competed in the men’s doubles and mixed doubles events, achieving two great results. In the men’s doubles event she was paired with Maximo Hernandez of CB Las Torres, managing to win all the matches of the tournament, without giving up any set, which took them to the top of the podium to win the gold. On the other hand, in the test of doubles where she competed with Gloria Latorre of CB Collado Villalba got their place in the final phase after finishing second in group C. In the quarterfinals they faced Ignacio Moreno and Rosa Virginia Victorica winning clearly by 21-10 and 21-8. In the next round, the couple formed by Bernardo Galmes and Mercè Llugany, number one seeds. This semi-final match was tougher and was played in three sets, where there was a lot of alternation in the dominance of the sets, but it finally fell to Juan Carlos’s side by 21-8, 15-21 and 21-10. They were waiting for them in the final Nlicolas Murgatroyd and Ana Pascual that were imposed in two very tight sets that were decided by small details in the final rallies leaving Juan Carlos and Gloria with the silver.

Category D

In the category D, Santiago Villanueva competed in the singles event, managing to score a new bronze for the Setabe club. In the doubles test He competed alongside the Madrid athlete Juan José Pérez from CB Leganés, where they got another meritorious third position despite it being the first time they competed together.

Santiago Villanueva. Javier Alcázar Tomás

SV and SV+ category

In the SV and SV+ category where Carlos Martinez He was able to compete in three different events. First of all, in the SV and SV+ individual test He managed to access the final phase where he faced Luis García in the semifinals, who won in two sets by 21-16 and 21-12, achieving the first bronze. Already in the test of men’s doubles SV categoryCarlos with his partner Cándido Osorio of CB Las Torres, despite not having a great tournament, they managed to win the bronze medal. Finally, in the test mixed doubles, Carlos formed a pair with Mª Ángeles Prados repeating performance and adding a new bronze.

Positive weekend for the players of the Xàtiva Badminton Club, who although they are stuck in third place, accumulate some valuable competitive matches to gain pace ahead of the Nacional.

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