The New Basketball Topic: A Guide to NBA and International Basketball

Next why topic.

The new basketball topic, more beautiful, more lively, more interesting! Where we talk about basketball in general, international or club, but most often the NBA.

Official websites:

NBA: but without the bullshit redirect to the team
Pro A and other French championships:

Information sites that are good:

The French-speaking reference site with a large youtube channel:
Basket USA: news paraphrased in approximate French, but there is volume and often very interesting retros.
Basket Session
ESPN: in English, lots of news.
Le twitter de Adrian Wojnarowski : the guy who has all the information before everyone else, even the wrong ones.
Marc Stein’s Twitter Zwei Polizei, to duplicate ESPN
Bill Simmons’ Twitterbecause we all love Bill Simmons
Le twitter de Zach Lowetop NBA analyst right now

Analysis websites:

The Ringer: the sequel to Grantland, unfortunately without Zach Lowe
The reddit dedicated to the NBA: for everything and especially anything.
The Players Tribune: a site with Kobe Bryant (RIP) as editorial director and prestigious players or not (from Jason Kidd to Patrick Patterson) who share their experience of the NBA (or other sports). Very interesting for English speakers.


The Lowe Post, the podcast by Zach Lowe, which I highly recommend.
Bill Simmons’ podcast now that it’s no longer on Grantland. Almost the same guests as before, except this time there are three or four podcasts per week!
Les podcasts NBA de The Ringer
Le podcast d’Adrian Wojnarowski

The fantasy!
Le topic de la fantasy NBA made in CPC
Our annual Yahoo fantasy league:…3618e8130781d1
The NBA drive tinkered by Sandoo for the playoffs:

Calendar (picked on Trashtalk) of the second round of the World Cup which begins this Friday, French times:

Friday, September 1

10 a.m.: Serbia – Italy
10:30 a.m.: Germany – Georgia
10:40 a.m.: Team USA – Montenegro
11:45 am: Spain – Latvia
2 p.m.: Dominican Republic – Puerto Rico
2:10 p.m .: Slovenia – Australia
2:40 p.m.: Lithuania – Greece
3:30 p.m.: Canada – Brazil

Saturday September 2

11:45 a.m.: Ivory Coast – France (classification match)

Sunday September 3

9:30 a.m.: Australia – Georgia
10h : Italy – Puerto Rico
10:40 a.m.: Greece – Montenegro
11:45 am: Brazil – Latvia
1:10 p.m.: Germany – Slovenia
2 p.m.: Dominican Republic – Serbia
14h40 : Team USA – Lithuania
3:30 p.m.: Spain – Canada

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