Roque Mesa’s praise for the Sporting squad and the midfielder who “surprised” him

Roque Mesa, Sporting de Gijón midfielder and the red and white club’s latest signing, analyzed this afternoon in Mareo the start of the red and white team’s competition and the level of his new teammates. Mesa, a player with a lot of experience, described the squad as “very good.”

His statements:

Adaptation: “On a personal level, little by little I am feeling much better. I come from a situation where the season has started and the team was made. I’m getting to know my teammates and how they’re playing. I am comfortable and happy to be here and I want to contribute. Both on the bench and when the coach sees fit for him to play from the start.

Physical state “Regardless of the fact that in the summer months I did not do a season with a team, I have stayed in shape… It is true that these group loads are different and that takes a process. Little by little I’m finding myself. Now comes a series of games where due to the circumstances there will be many rotations.

How do you see the team? “I see the team well. We have a pending issue of perhaps adding the three points. We are going to Huesca with the desire to add the three points. Today all the players were available except Bamba. We are all in there where the next few weeks will mark where we are going to There is a template background

Competition in the core with young people “Age is a number and what counts is performance. Now the performance that the midfield is giving is very good: Varane is a very complete player and he has surprised me a lot, Nacho, Nacho Martín, despite being young, competes very well, Rivera is there and now Zarfino arrives. It is a very complete line. No matter what shirt they wear, they will perform and compete well. I see young people who are hungry and want to do things well. We are here to try to help. I am a person who He talks a lot on the field and I try to help. What I see from the outside I try to advise him. We are going to help each other a lot. They with their youth, strength, desire… We are all going to complement each other very well. There is a healthy squad. I am quite happy with what I see. Not only with the midfield; in general I think there is a very good squad and we are on the right path. If we get a result away from home… We are on the right path.

Gijon: “I said it in my presentation: Gijón is football and one of the conditions why it comes here is because of how the people live it so passionately. The welcome is very good. The people behave very well. They convey maximum enthusiasm to me. It is a great responsibility: we want to have a great season.

Step forward at home: “It depends on the players who are on the field. The last game Andorra subdued you a lot… Even so we had chances to win but it didn’t happen: the day against Tenerife was a game and when they were at their best, we made a couple of changes to win Lately those who are coming in from the bench give something different. The other day Hassan gave something different. We are working on that during the week to turn the situation around

Template level: “We all know the Second Division. I see a lot of quality in the squad. The results of previous years have not been consistent… I see a young squad with a veteran. They have started well. We have to get the results away from home

Competence: “The squad accepts the coach’s decisions well; there are many game plans. There is a young squad that assimilates the concepts and handles that very well. Everyone knows that there is no one fixed: that is the reality. Playing a good game on “Sunday doesn’t make you want to be in the eleven. Everyone accepts that each game has a plan. The only thing missing is for the ball to go in away from home.”

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