Real Madrid Reserve Players Arrested for Sharing Video of Minor with Sexual Content

This Thursday, September 14, the Spanish Civil Guard arrested three footballers from the Real Madrid reserve team for sharing a video with sexual content of a minor under 16 years of age on WhatsApp.

According to information from the EFE agency, the news was confirmed by judicial sources.

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The first versions indicate that the events occurred in Mogán (Gran Canaria) on September 6 and were reported by the minor’s mother to the Civil Guard.

Precisely, this organization arrested the three footballers for a crime of revealing secrets of a sexual nature.

The Spanish media also reported that the investigation is being carried out by the Civil Guard of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the entity that received the complaint for the dissemination of the video that one of the Real Madrid footballers had recorded.

According to the Efe agency, two of those arrested are from Real Madrid’s third team and one from the second, Castilla.

The arrests occurred this Thursday morning in the club’s Sports City, in Madrid.

Furthermore, sources from the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands have specified that at the moment no judicial proceedings have been opened for these events.

At the moment the identities of the players who were arrested this Thursday are not known. In addition, it is being investigated whether there are more players involved, even from the first team squad.

What Real Madrid said

In a statement, Real Madrid reported that it is already aware that a player from Castilla, the club’s subsidiary, and three players from Real Madrid FC have given statements to the Civil Guard.

According to the Spanish club, the statements are “in relation to a complaint for the alleged dissemination of a private video on WhatsApp.”

In the message, Real Madrid informs that when it has detailed knowledge of the facts, it will adopt the appropriate measures.

After the knockout break, Real Madrid will play this Sunday at home against Real Sociedad and next week they will debut in the Champions League against Unión Berlin.

With information from EFE

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