The Offensive Drought Strategy: MLB Betting Tip for Today’s Game

The last seven picks I shared with you turned out to be winners. Can we continue our beautiful streak?

I have for you today a prediction on major baseball (MLB) which is based on an unbeatable strategy: the betting system called “The offensive drought”.

Last Friday, I left you three premium MLB picks, including two from this betting angle that is worth gold. All three options were a success.

On Saturday, the same two clubs fit the description of “The Offensive Drought”: the Phillies and the Royals. Both teams won again. On Sunday we had another match under this strategy, which made money again.

So, where are we now? So far in the 2024 season, “The Offensive Drought” has suggested betting on 19 teams and the tips have led to a 16-3 record. The return on investment for these bets was +24.8%.

The numbers are similar to last year, as we finished 2023 with a record of 36-6, which is a return of +27.1%. Can we maintain this pace? You will find out the answer by following this column for the rest of the MLB season!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the rules of the system that I’ve explained several times this year, here they are again.

First, you need to look for the big underdogs overseas. Specifically, their money line must be greater than 2.50 in decimal format.

Now, if this underdog has lost his last two games by scoring two points or less in each of those losses, it is very likely that he loses today. At least that’s what the historical data tells us and it’s brought us a lot of profits.

Let’s focus on the White Sox for a moment. Today, they are heavily disadvantaged in Toronto and have suffered a loss in each of their last two games, scoring 2 and 1 points respectively.

So, following the rules of the lucrative “Offensive Drought” betting strategy, my main bet in the MLB this Monday, May 20 is on the Toronto Blue Jays to win against the White Sox.

Again, I know the odds are low, which isn’t exciting. However, a win is a win, and a return on investment of over 20% is nothing to sneeze at.

Chicago is a terrible 4-19 on the road this season. They had a good period during which they maintained a 7-4 record, but they were swept by the Yankees. As a result, I suspect their confidence has disappeared.

Meanwhile, the Jays lost three games in a row before ending that bad streak with a nice 5-2 win over the Rays yesterday. This should make players feel better about themselves and they will go into this new series with a positive mindset.

What’s going on with Erick Fedde? After putting up horrible stats in 2021 and 2022 with the Nationals, he played in South Korea last year. He is now back in the big leagues and his return has been nothing short of spectacular. Indeed, he boasts a brilliant earned run average of 2.60.

To be honest with you, I don’t trust him. I think Fedde will return to Earth and it could start this afternoon. I like the fact that he just had a rematch against his old club Washington. His motivation level will be down against Toronto today and I think the Jays will rough him up.

Jose Berrios is also off to a superb start to the 2024 campaign with a 2.82 ERA and a low hits/walks allowed per inning record of 1.05. In three starts at Rogers Center this year, he has allowed just two runs in nearly 21 innings.

For me, the Jays are a must-have team today. How could you ignore the performance of the “Offensive Drought” system that has generated a staggering 52-9 record since last year? You simply can’t.

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