At the Monaco Grand Prix, a trophy steeped in history

Sebastian Vettel was the first to brandish it in 2011. Max Verstappen the latest in 2023. The current trophy for the winner of the Monaco event is still “young” and will have often evolved throughout the history of a GP born well before Formula 1 in 1929. But whatever the cup offered to the winner, the exhilaration remains the same. The legendary urban GP trophy stands out as one of the three most coveted awards in the world in the world of motorsport. With that of the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. If the triennial Rudge-Whitworth cup in the shape of a Greek amphora, a bronze placed on a marble base, has not been preserved for the Le Mans event beyond the first editions, Indy 500 has remained faithful since 1936 to the imposing Borg-Farmer, 1.70 m tall and weighing 70 kg. A trophy beyond measure for America.


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