Kladno Fans Disappointed with Hockey Knights’ Preparation for Extra League

The preparation period of the hockey Knights for the extra league does not bring much joy to Kladno fans. Yesterday they lost to Slavia Prague 2:4 in Eden, so they have won only two out of seven friendly duels so far…

The Kladno team has not yet started in the ideal composition of five in the preparation, but the conceded goals are still too many and scored too few. After the loss at Slavia, Kladno fans opened their chivalrous hearts in the comments:

JB: I’m a Kladeňák, but that’s a real misery. There used to be a team in Kladno, what they are playing there now has no parallels, and that has been the case for several seasons in a row…
JN: Take it easy. Kladno does not give up.
JK: Kladno should work a lot on interplay and defensively, they always get 5 goals in every match. It doesn’t matter at home and away, and to bet on the fact that Jarda jumps in? You are crazy, others have to take over.
MK: First period great, second and third very bad. Unnecessary exclusions and a game without an idea or combination. Well, it really wouldn’t work that way.
MM: I admit that it really matters. Unnecessary suspensions, bad interplay, defense and inaccurate shooting. Well, guys, I believe that it will improve in the competition.
LF: Shame like a pig. Do we want to play extra league with this? It’s worth crying.
PK: I wanted to go buy a perm tomorrow, but I’d rather invest in my mother-in-law.

Jan Murárik


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