Honda without future, and without Márquez? – Tear it off, for God’s sake!

It is the news that any motorcycle fan wants to know, yes. Marc Márquez will stay at Honda the next season or will migrate to another team looking for a competitive motorcycle. This week’s tests in Misano with the prototype for next year have not given the results that the Japanese team would have wanted, especially after both Márquez and Mir have assured that although things have changed, the most important problems remain on the new frame the golden wing factory has been working on.

This has led to rumors that Márquez could leave Honda to land at Ducati, in Gressini’s team with his brother Alex Márquez, have gained strength. And all despite the enigmatic message that Joan Mir, Marc’s partner, was in charge of spreading on social networks in the title, “MárquezStays” along with a photo of the two of them in the HRC team jumpsuit. In Piqué style, Mir set the networks on fire and sowed a doubt that only Marc himself can resolve. Although he is not happy, he has already assured that has plan A, B and even C and that he does not rule out anything, including staying at Honda where he has a contract for next year.

The truth is that the problems in Honda’s development not only affect the most successful team in the premier class, Yamaha doesn’t find the way either that brings them closer to the Ducati. Fabio Quartararo himself would be looking for options for next season after this week’s tests have not resolved the problems that they also have in the triple tuning fork factory.

One might then ask what is happening in Japanese brands so that after decades of dominance, of absolute bipartisanship, they have suffered such a significant drop in performance compared to the Italian brands, Ducati and Aprilia, and the Austrian KTM, which are now those that dominate the development. If we add to this that Suzuki, also a Japanese brand, left the MotoGp grid, we can affirm that Japan has dropped from the forefront of the world of motorcycles, at least in competition ones.

Names like Giacomo Agostini, Keny Roberts father and son, Valentino Rossi, Kevin Schwantz, Doohan, Rainey, Jorge Lorenzo or Márquez himself, among many others, They enjoyed the splendor of the dominance of Japanese brands that they are now experiencing one of their worst droughts of triumphs, and the worst, with no signs of having a solution for such a disaster.

If Márquez finally stays at Honda It will be because he is not convinced by the option of being on a satellite team. of a brand, Ducati, whose official team does not even consider him for their project. In Italy they do not view Marc very favorably, in fact, and they have shown it with Jorge Martín, In recent years they have opted for the pool of Italian pilots that they return to the country of the boot the prestige that they enjoyed with drivers like Valentino Rossi, who, let’s not forget, still resents Márquez for being, in his opinion, the culprit of not having achieved his tenth World Cup.

The ideal place would be KTM, with Pedrosa as a tester and with Pedro Acosta as a teammate. But the lack of seats in the Austrian team complicates the signing that many of us have been anticipating for some time.

I don’t think it will take us long to find out the future of the eight-time World Champion. It is a decision that affects the World Cup because since Marc no longer fights for victory, interest in motorcycles has decreased, and not only in Spain. Márquez was called upon to fill the void left by Valentino Rossi when he retired and since his shoulder injury we have barely seen fleeting glimpses of a driver, let’s not forget, has broken all precocity records and who, with his driving, has inspired the way of driving of many of the drivers who compete in the World Championship today.

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