Catherine Brunet Opens Up About Her Amicable Split from Antoine Pilon

After recently announcing her separation from Antoine Pilon, Catherine Brunet spoke about her relationship with him, as an ex, to 7 Jours magazine.

“We haven’t been together for eight months. Antoine and I are the best friends in the world. We tour together, we play baseball and hockey together,” she confides.

The two also play opposite each other in the comedy Entre deux draps.

After eight years of relationship with him, she spoke to the magazine 7 Jours and announced their breakup.

“Antoine and I decided to separate by mutual agreement, thinking that it was the best thing to do. We haven’t been together for six months now, and I’m really happy with how our relationship has evolved. Today, Antoine and I are the best friends in the world,” the actress told the magazine.

Fortunately, their separation is going well and we are happy to see that the two actors are on very good terms.

Antoine Pilon also has good words for his ex-partner. “Catherine and I want to maintain a good relationship because we love each other very much and we have many friends in common. I still keep Poutine, Catherine’s dog, who participated with us in the filming of Between Two Sheets,” he declared.

Remember that, this year, he burst onto the screen in the film Disobey.

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