Naples, what are the risks for the Osimhen deal? The club has already been acquitted (but with new evidence the investigations would be reopened)

NAPLES – What is Napoli at risk? This is the question of the Azzurri fans after the news of the registration of Aurelio De Laurentiis in the register of suspects by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office for false accounting relating to the purchase of Victor Osimhen from Lille in the summer of 2020. A clarification is necessary: ​​this is not a new investigation. The Naples Prosecutor’s Office has archived the section relating to tax crimes and has forwarded the section on false corporate communications to its colleagues in Rome. Napoli’s budget was approved in Via XXIV Maggio at the Filmauro headquarters, so the transfer of the file was a necessary act. The Italian club has already been acquitted, defended by the lawyer Mattia Grassani, by the sporting justice system after the referral from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.


Osimhen, the (discussed) counterparts of the negotiation: Karnezis, Palmieri, Manzi and Liguori valued at 20 million

The possible reopening of the investigation

Only if there were new evidence through international roundabouts, hearing of witnesses and wiretaps, could it be hypothesized reopening of the investigations by the FIGC which has already expressed its opinion on the matter.

Napoli welcomed the news with great calm and awaits the outcome of the work of the Rome Prosecutor’s Office with serenity.

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