Steve Kerr and the Rise of the Warriors Dynasty in the NBA

Steve Kerr and the Rise of the Warriors Dynasty in the NBA

The NBA as we know it today, surely it would not be the same without Steve Kerr. The architect of the dynasty of the Warriors changed the conception of the game from its landing in 2014 on the bench for the San Francisco franchise. And the formula of it, in addition to change the conception that was had of this gamehas been the most successful of the last decade, with an attractive game and magnificent results.

Not surprisingly, until his arrival the Warriors they had won only three NBA championship rings in their entire history (1947, 1956 y 1975). And with him, in just nine seasons they have played six Finals and have won four championships (2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022). A full blown dynasty.

Steve Kerr he had already tasted the sweetness of triumph in the NBA as a player, earning five champion ringsthree as lieutenant of Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls (1996, 1997 and 1998), and two with the san antonio spurs of the eternal Gregg Popovich (1999 and 2003). A ‘premium’ learning together with two myths that he knew how to transfer to the benches when he took the alternative.

Luxury triangular before the World Cup

For all the Warriors coach has earned a Special Award at the Spanish Basketball Gala which will host Malaga on August 10, the city that will be the scene of the best international tournament in preparation for the World Cup (August 25 to September 10) with the selections of Spain, Slovenia and the United Statesthese directed by the own Steve Kerrwho took over on the bench of the American team of the maestro Gregg Popovichof whom he had been an assistant on the American national team.

long before that played 15 seasons in the NBAgoing by Suns, Cavaliers, Magic, Bulls, Blazers y Spurs before hanging up the jersey in 2003. He then became a minority owner of the Sunswhere he also temporarily served as general manager before working as an NBA analyst for an American TV channel.

It was not until 2014 when some of his reports in which he gave his particular version of the game caught the attention of Bob Myers, manager of the Warriorswhose owners, Joe Jacob and Peter Guber, They decided to take a risk and give him the controls of his team. And he did not disappoint.

Moldear un ‘Big Three’

when he got there Stephen Curry He had already been on the staff for five years, Klay Thompsonthree and Draymond Green, two, but they had achieved nothing. Was a barren ‘Big Three’, like so many of those who are artificially mounted in the NBA. Was Kerr who endowed this triplet with soul and a unique identitywhich he later joined Kevin Durant. But his game philosophy -speed, ball movement and a lot of outside shooting- I do not change. Not even when they were penalized by injuries to their props.

His style is non-negotiable and the NBA recognized him by including him in 2022 among the 15 best coaches in its historythe only one active with Gregg Popovich y Doc Rivers, and along with myths such as Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Don Nelson, Chuck Daly, Larry Brown, KC Jones, Jerry Sloan or Lenny Wilkens. Big words.

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