Arsène Serre: From Unexpected Selection to European Champion in Badminton

Badminton, Arsène Serre starts it at 6 years old. It was a chance encounter that led him on the road to this sport. “A friend of my father’s had brought home a shuttlecock and rackets, to play a game, and we played in the garden”, underlines the young badiste. And a year later, he begins the competition. He trains in particular at Sobad85, the badminton club of the agglomeration of Les Sables-d’Olonne (Vendée)of which his father, Bertrand Serre, is now president.

An unexpected selection for the French team

Saturday August 12, 2023, in Lithuania, Arsène Serre becomes the first player from Les Sables-d’Olonne to win the title of European champion. He won the boys’ doubles in U17, alongside Timéo Lacour, in the country’s capital, Vilnius. A result that surprised the young man. “I didn’t expect to win the competition at all. It was possible, but I wasn’t going as the favourite. »

His mother, Aurélie Serre, adds: Already, being selected for the France team was still unexpected six months ago . And yet, this very good victory is not the only one of the season since he had already won, in May 2023, the French championship in boys’ doubles.

But why does he seem stunned by the result in Lithuania? “I was injured last year, and I didn’t even think I would take part in this competition, so winning it…” In February 2022, he underwent a major knee operation, the doctor diagnosing him with a crack in the cartilage. His mother says: “This injury normally prevents him from playing sports again, but given his age, the surgeon tried everything for everything by using screws. »

An injury that keeps him off the courts

And it worked. Six months of recovery followed. “During this period, I played badminton sitting on a table, or in a wheelchair” , remembers Arsène Serre. A period all the more difficult as her twin sister, Eulalie Serre – also a high-level badminton player – continued training. At the European Championships in Vilnius, she also won a medial bronze in double girl, with Adèle Fillonneau.

Next season, Arsène Serre will play a duo with his sister. One of his dreams would be to win the title of mixed French champion with her. “We train together all the time, that would be great,” he just adds.

Arsène Serre and Timeo Lacour won the junior men’s doubles after an unbearable suspense at the European Championships in Vilnius (Lithuania). © badmintoneurope

Players who inspire him? Danish Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen. “He is almost unbeatable he insists. “For the 2024 Olympic Games, we have already taken places to be able to follow the competitions” says his mother.

The opportunity to learn more about the game of the greatest. And participate in the Olympics? The interested party is delighted by the idea: “I keep it in the back of my mind. In 2028, it will still be a little early, but in 2032, it can do it. » And if his twin sister was part of the delegation at that time… Happiness for him.

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