World Cup Champions Götze and Schürrle invest in pizza start-up ‘Happy Slice’

It was our 2014 world champion moment!

113th minute in the World Cup final against Argentina: André Schürrle (32) crosses from the left into the middle. Mario Götze (31) takes the ball with his chest and pushes it into the net. It’s the gateway to the 4th title.

Nine years later, the two want to land the next direct hit together – albeit off the field.

This is what the “Camp Nou” no longer looks like Barça stadium in ruins

Those: Youtube, Twitter, Barca TV 11.07.2023

Our World Cup goal is now turning into pizza!

BILD learned: Schürrle, who ended his football career in 2022, and Frankfurt’s world champion Götze invested in the new “Happy Slice” pizza chain. The delivery service (prices between 8.90 and 14 euros) has only been on the market for five weeks and already has 70 branches in 30 cities.

Götze, who has also invested in “Eterno Health” and “ScorePlay”, says to BILD: “I’m curious to position myself outside of football. The ecosystem of start-ups is exciting, especially when you look closer and deeper into it.”

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However, Götze and Schürrle are not the only ones who want to get started with the start-up. Streamer king Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (37) with more than a million subscribers and rapper Luciano (29) are also part of the new pizza company.

If the company is really successful, our World Cup goal heroes Götze and Schürrle will also experience golden moments together financially…

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