Terrible accident in Formula E in Rome, the single-seater hit at full speed – Corriere TV

Bard lost control of his single-seater cutting off the road to the other cars

Maxi rear-end collision on the ninth lap of race 1 of the E—Prix which was held yesterday, July 15th, in Rome. The carom was triggered by the Jaguar driver, Sam Bird, who lost control of the car and crashed into a wall. The impact against the guard rail caused the car to bounce in the middle of the track, cutting off the road to the cars that were passing at that moment. Some managed to avoid the impact, but other cars hit the Jaguar flat in a terrifying pile-up. None of the pilots involved, however, suffered serious injuries.

July 16, 2023 – Updated July 16, 2023, 5:21 pm


2023-07-16 12:27:47
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