Former NHL Stars Return to Kladno: Michael Frolík Gives Interview After Signing Contract

Several stars played together for the Knights more than ten years ago during the NHL lockout. With the signing of Michael Frolík, the participation of Plekance, Jágr and Klepiš, hockey team Kladno will be among the most watched teams in the coming season. Michael Frolík gave an interview to Vashem Kladno immediately after the contract was confirmed.

Did you feel nostalgic when you returned to the Kladno stadium?
(laughs) It fell on me already last season, when I came to Kladno with Liberec. I like the repaired stadium. It can be seen that the city has invested a lot in it. But inside I found a few still the same places that brought back memories of youth titles and first matches for A. And during the matches, thanks to the Kladno fans, I was reminded of the typical atmosphere they can create in our winter camp. Now I’m really looking forward to being able to play in the Kladno jersey in front of them.

In it, you jumped for the A team for the first time as a junior in the team with Jaromír Jágr during the NHL lockout…
I mainly remember the playoff with Pardubice from that season. Although they eliminated us in the seventh match of the series, then they became champions, but that atmosphere is something that cannot be forgotten. The whole stadium shouted “We are Kladno, what are you?”. My brother also played in the team then and we enjoyed it.

I assume that you didn’t even think at the time that you would end your career in Kladno next to the player Jágr…
(laughs) Of course I didn’t even think of that, but it’s amazing how long he’s been playing. It is strange that we will meet again in Kladno. And I will probably end my career by his side.

You also played together in the NHL for Calgary. Have you taken anything from a hockey legend?
I looked past some things, but it’s quite enough when you sit with him in the cabin and watch what he does for his career just there…

About seventeen years ago, you left for the sea as a group of juniors from Kladno consisting of Frolík, Pavelec, Tlustý, Voráček and Smoleňák. At the moment, only you and Smoleňák are engaged in hockey at the highest level. Would you welcome him to appear in Kladno?
It would be nice if it ever came out. We are great friends. I would like to repeat hockey with him in the same team (smiles).

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